Annual general assembly in one of Europe’s most livable cities

| February 8, 2016

Odense as the perfect host
This year, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s (CED) annual general assembly was hosted by the Municipality of Odense, the 3rd largest city of Denmark. It is difficult to think of a more suiting spot for this year’s general assembly, as just recently Odense was nominated as one of the most livable cities in Europe by The Guardian.

The City bridge (Byens bro) in Odense, Denmark.

The City Bridge in Odense, Denmark.  The bridge traverses 16 railroad tracks. Photo by Thomas Mørkeberg

This nomination, is chiefly due to Odense’s recent development in promoting a greener and more environmentally friendly city, with several large scale bicycling projects at its core. The city can now boast of more than 50 % of all central trips being made by bike, proving that it is possible for cities in all shapes and sizes to promote (and succeed) bicycling.

In addition, Odense recently completed a new stunning bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, allowing people to traverse the railroad-tracks previously separating the city in two-parts. Naturally the CED had to visit this innovative, and beautiful, example of how seemingly impossible barriers to cycling can be traversed.

Marianne Weinreich and the future of the CED
The CED is happy to announce that Marianne Weinreich, now the founder of Weinreich Mobility, will continue as the president of the embassy. In her speech on the CED’s activities in 2015, she complimented the members present at the general assembly, for making their presence felt in conferences on cycling and urban planning all around the world. As for the future, the president noted:

“The CED is growing and we are now more members than ever before. In 2016 the CED will focus on sharing the expert knowledge of the individual members throughout the CED, to make sure each member can solve problems facing bicycling wherever, and whatever, they might be” – Marianne Weinreich, president of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.  

2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the CED with new members, new projects, and plenty of new ideas.

Read more about the Municipality of Odense here.

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