10 Danish municipalities receive grant for permanent bicycle playgrounds

| December 4, 2015

On the bicycle playgrounds, children will get a solid foundation for becoming safe cyclists. Photo: Kristine Funch

Permanent bicycle playgrounds where kids can become cycle safe will be implemented in ten cities throughout Denmark. Out of twenty really good applications, ten municipalities have been selected. The construction of the permanent bicycle playgrounds will start in the beginning of 2016.

Ten bicycle playgrounds
The playgrounds will be developed in collaborration with the Danish Cyclists’ Federation with funding by Nordea-Fonden. The playgrounds will be individually developed for each municipality according to the surrounding area with the overall theme; nature and sensory experience inviting institutions and families alike to play on bicycles.

Learning through cycling games
Children who are cycle safe, meaning that they can start, stop, keep a straight line, take one hand off the handlebar to signal etc., will be much better at remembering traffic rules, watching out for other road users, etc. later on. The children will learn these skills through play. The playgrounds are not only restricted to children – they can also be used for training adults without cycling experience or people in need of a tune up of their cycling skills.

Breakthrough for children’s cycle safety
“This project is a major breakthrough for children’s cycling in Denmark. Through cycling games, children get a solid foundation for becoming active and traffic safe cyclists in their childhood, youth, and adulthood. In other words, cycling games help secure and develop the unique Danish bicycle culture,” says Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

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Here you can watch a small video of the mobile bicycle playground which was tested in various locations around the country. The success of the playground led to further development of the permanent playgrounds.

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Download the pamphlet Six Cycling Games.

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