CED-member HOE360 Consulting expands their business to Xining, China

| November 26, 2015

HOE360 have joined forces with Niels Jensen, experienced traffic planner from the Municipality of Copenhagen, to develop a training programme for the staff of the city council of Xining.


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The city council of Xining, the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau, wants to turn Xining into a bike-friendly city. Among other things, the aim is to build 600 km of bike lanes. Therefore, they have asked the Danish company to develop and execute a training programme for the city staff about the do’s and don’ts regarding cycle solutions.

Traffic registration and new bike lanes

One element in the programme is focusing on how to build sufficient bike lanes. This includes training in how to estimate the required width and capacity of the lanes. The Danish experts will also teach the staff about other important considerations when choosing where to improve the infrastructure for cyclists.

Furthermore, they will be instructed on how to make relatively simple traffic registration. This will enable the city council to decide where it is best to invest in bike lanes.

HOE360 teaming up with influential traffic planner, Niels Jensen

Niels with council staff

Niels with council staff. Photo: Niels Hoe

To facilitate the project, HOE360 have joined forces with Niels “Cycle chief” Jensen, the legendary traffic planner from the Municipality of Copenhagen. Niels Jensen is a grand old man in the cycling world in Denmark.

He has been an active advocate for improving the conditions for cyclists long before it became a strategic focus for politicians. In the 1960s, he arranged numerous demonstrations, and he has played an important role in the development of the cycle strategy in Copenhagen.

Existing bike lanes in Xining. Photo: Niels Hoe

Existing bike lanes in Xining. Photo: Niels Hoe

It will be interesting to follow how the two Danish experts can help the city of Xining to become more bike friendly.

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