The Bycyklen bikes have arrived

| November 2, 2015

On Wednesday, October 14th  the last truck, loaded with 65 Bycyklen bikes, rolled from Germany into Denmark. The City & Commuter Bike Foundation’s board has now approved the delivery and is happy to see that all of the 1,860 Bycyklen city bikes have been delivered and that the Bycyklen system now counts 90 bike stations.

Photo: Mary Badalian

The Bycyklen at Kongens Nytorv. Photo: Mary Badalian

When an operational test of the system has been completed, as defined in the contract, the system will go into normal operation.

Great satisfaction among local politicians

The chairman of the board of The City & Commuter Bike Foundation, Nikolaj Bøgh, is very pleased that all the bikes are now in the country after many months of controversy.

“We are very pleased that the delivery was made at the agreed time and would like to commend our supplier Gobike for their professional efforts to reach the goal in time. Lately the primary focus has been on the delivery of the bikes, but now we can really start looking at the optimization of the existing system and operating processes. We are looking forward to that,” he says.

90 Bycyklen stations have now been installed and put into operation throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, which means that another 15 bike stations remain before the entire Bycyklen System infrastructure with a total of 105 bicycle stations is in place. The last 15 stations have been identified, but are awaiting approval from various authorities. Work to install these bike stations will be carried out as soon as possible after the approvals have come through.

“There have been some delays in the approval of the bike stations, but we expect it to fall into place within a very short time, and then we can put the remaining stations into operation for the benefit of the Bycyklen system’s users,” says Nikolaj Bøgh.

Fact: Installation af the Bycyklen system in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg

 September 1st 2015   October 15th 2015
 Bycyklen bikes  1,004  1,860
 Bycyklen stations  69  87

More information

Find your Bycyklen at this map Find a Bycykel.

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