Danish concept, CykelScore, awarded

| October 9, 2015
CykelScore low (52 of 57)_Credit Kofoed & Co

The Municipality of Odense has increased children’s cycling through use for the award-winning concept, CykelScore. Photo: Kofoed & Co.

At this year’s CIVITAS Forum Conference the Danish project CykelScore (BikeScore) was awarded with a runner up prize in the category “Technical Innovation”.

CykelScore – Bike and win the lottery

CykelScore was developed by the company Kofoed & Co, one of the members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. In short, the CykelScore concept is to attach a chip to the bike and then erect checkpoints near the entrance to the school yard for instance.

Each time the child passes the check point, the chip registers a point which is converted into a lottery ticket where the children can win various prizes. Participants can win prizes like bike accessories, gift certificates, or unique cycling shirts and gloves. The Municipality of Odense has used the concept and increased children’s cycling as a result.

I’m very pleased, that CykelScore gets this well-deserved credit. The project has motivated school pupils to take the bike, by making it a more entertaining and competitive choice – not by making other choices difficult. It is a positive approach to get kids to bike, and I really appreciate this. It might be that the kids inspire their parents to grab the bike every now and then” says City- and Culture alderman Jane Jegind from the Municipality of Odsense.

CykelScore makes children bike more in Odense

The Municipality of Odense joined CykelScore in 2014. Since then, 10 schools from three school districts have joined the program, and over 2,000 children are participating in the project. This has resulted in 28% more bike trips since the system was installed, and 7 % of the children who used to be driven to school by their parents or took the bus now bike to school.

The municipality is thrilled with the development. According to Traffic Planner, Troels Andersen, “CykelScore motivates the children, so they choose to bike on their own accord. Neither we nor the parents need to crack the whip.”

Several other Danish cities have implemented CykelScore.

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