Cycling Embassy of Denmark study cycling in Germany and Switzerland this week

| September 15, 2015

Today, 28 members of Cycling Embassy of Denmark will visit three cities on a four-day trip to Germany and Switzerland, hoping to bring new ideas and solutions back to Denmark.


Photo: Henrik Damgaard

The delegation arrives at Freiburg

Surrounded by the scenic Black Forest, the Swabian city of Freiburg will be the first stop on the trip. Here, the group will have lectures focusing on urban planning, city greening and energy transition. Freiburg has invested heavily in developing pro-cyclists conditions the last four decades, one of the reasons why the city has earned the label as the Green Capital of Germany.

Perhaps the delegation will eat the famous Freiburger Spätzle or Flammkuchen (German pizza) while strolling around the green neighborhood Vauban, a car-free area where bicycles is the prevailing mode of conveyance.

Getting inspired in the hometown of founder of bicycles

After experiencing a city with extremely high ambitions and resources to implement environmentally -friendly solutions, the next stop is Karlsruhe famous for the founder of bicycles, Karl von Drais. Karlsruhe has with relatively few economic resources been able to change the cycling culture and increase the shares of cyclists in the city significantly. The Mayor of Karlsruhe, Michael Obert, has been a leading force in this change and will share his vision and experiences with the CED delegation.

Meetings with Swiss representatives

To round up the trip, the delegation will visit Basel, known for its progressive cycling policy striving to become the most bike-friendly city in Switzerland. In Basel, representatives from the Basel-Stadt Department of Public Works and Transport will host a lecture about how Basel has successfully integrated its cycling policy in the mobility strategy. The strategy involved improving the conditions for cyclists with huge bike-parking areas and a safe and fast cycling infrastructure.

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