Aarhus opens mobile bicycle library

| September 4, 2015
Aarhus Bicycle Library_Photo Municipality of Aarhus

Aarhus’ mobile bicycle library in the suburb of Skejby. Photo: Municipality of Aarhus

In Aarhus Municipality the new bicycle library gives citizens in the district of Skejby the opportunity to try out different bicycles. This will hopefully persuade them to leave the car at home in the future.

Mobile bicycle library and bicycle repair shop

In May and June of 2015, Business Park Skejby and Aarhus Cykelby (Aarhus Cycle City) hosted a so-called bicycle library. The purpose of the library was twofold:

– giving people living within cycling distance from Skejby but who drive their car to work the opportunity to borrow and try out different types of bicycles that could prove an alternative to the car. – pampering people who already cycle with easy access to bicycle services and advice making life as a cycling commuter a little bit easier.

The library consisted of two containers that had had a bicycle library and a repair shop built inside. The library was placed centrally in the area in front of VIA University. The library was manned Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It was possible to borrow lightweight commuter bicycles, carrier bikes, electric bikes, foldable bikes and bicycle trailers.

The bicycle library was marketed through flyers and posters that were delivered by bike couriers to businesses in the area. More than 400 people visited the library to get their bikes serviced. 44 people borrowed a bicycle for up to five days while 145 people came by to try out the bicycles. Two businesses had a special event organised for their employees. Furthermore there have been more than 1,000 unique hits on the press coverage of the bicycle library on Business Park Skejby’s website.

The bicycle library touring Aarhus

During Aarhus Festival, the bicycle library moved into the city centre where festival visitors could borrow one of the library bikes for a short period of time.

Aarhus Festuge

The bicycle library was moved to the city center during “Aarhus Festival.”

After Aarhus Festival the bicycle library moved to the suburb of Beder-Malling. Here interested citizens have the opportunity to test if a bicycle is the solution to their everyday transport needs.

The 36 participants in the project “365 days on a bicycle” function as goodwill ambassadors in favour of exchanging the car for a bicycle – e.g. an electric bike. Hopefully, the ambassadors will inspire their neighbours to try out one of the bikes in the bicycle library.

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