New guidelines ”Cities Safer by Design”

| August 13, 2015
embarq masterclass

The new guidelines were qualified during EMBARQ’s participation in the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s “Bikeable City Masterclass” in May 2014. Photo: Lotte Bech

The WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and its EMBARQ sustainable mobility initiative recently published its new guidelines “Cities Safer by Design.” This report provides key design principles for cities to make street safer. The publication was qualified during EMBARQ’s participation in the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s “Bikeable City Masterclass.”

Inspiration from Danish masterclass
EMBARQ assists public authorities in sustainable urban planning and mobility in projects concerning the development of new urban areas and urban renewal. In May 2014, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark hosted its first “Bikeable City Masterclass” in Copenhagen with partners from Turkish municipalities, departments, and agencies and engineers and urban planners from EMBARQ’s offices in Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and its global office in Washington.

EMBARQ had already begun to work on the new guidelines, but according to Ben Welle, senior associate urban and transportation planner with EMBARQ Washington “the guide as a result of the Masterclass has improved and will help cities in countries where EMBARQ works to consider safety more in their design of bicycle lanes”.

In addition to proving inspiration, course leader Lotte Bech and trainer Carsten Wass helped review the publication. Lotte Bech welcomes EMBARQ’s new publication:

“It is wonderful to see such a concrete result from the masterclass. Because the object was to inspire and qualify EMBARQ’s staff and partners to better incorporate cycling in their projects, and we have succeeded in that. By disseminating this knowhow to its partner countries, EMBARQ will no doubt help improve safety for cyclists there,” says Lotte Bech from Urban Cycle Planning who is also a member of the Danish Cyclists’ Federations International Committee and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

In February at the World Bike Forum in Medellín Colombia EMBARQ and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark carried out a workshop about “Safety for Cyclists by Design”, where Ben Welle presented examples of the Safe Cycling design guidelines.

Further information
Download EMBARQ’s publication “Cities Safer by Design”
Read more about the Bikeable City Masterclass
Visit the Cycling Embassy of Denmark
Read more about EMBARQ

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