Denmark’s shortest cycle track

| June 10, 2015
Local children cut teh first turf for Denmark's shortest cycle track. Photo: Morten Telling

Local children cut teh first turf for Denmark’s shortest cycle track. Photo: Morten Telling

10 meters long – or short perhaps – that is the length of a newly-opened cycle track south of Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus.

Translation of article by Rikke Ravn Faber, Danish Cyclists’ Federation

For three years, a group of parents have struggled to get a cycle track between the towns of Solbjerg and Malling near Aarhus. Now the first bit is there, but it is short. Perhaps even so short that it qualifies as “Denmark’s shortest cycle track.”

Fighting for a safe school route

According to the group of parents, “SOS Cykelsti” (“SOS Cycle Track” ed.) who is behind the scrap of cycle track, it is dangerous for their kids to bike on the road between the two towns. So they want a cycle track and have applied for funding for the project for years.

The group has raised the money for the new 10-meters long demo track which has been constructed on a stretch of field next to the road. The idea was to make a gimmick to increase attention on the issue.

No money on the way

Alderman in Aarhus, Kristian Würtz, and CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Klaus Bondam, recently opened the cycle track, and Klaus Bondam called it “a human and children’s right to be able to cycle in your local area.

But even though the alderman had sympathy for the citizens’ arguments for the need of a cycle track, he did not have money to complete the project. So, the citizens south of Aarhus have to keep on fighting to get their wish: a 7-km long cycle track.

Read more about the Municipality of Aarhus, member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.


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