Bicycle Account from Copenhagen

| May 6, 2015

The Municipality of Copenhagen have published their new bicycle account for 2013-2014, and it shows positive results. Almost 50% of those who work or study in Copenhagen arrive by bike.

Copenhagen is world famous for being a cycling city, and new numbers once again confirm that this is with good reason.CPH Bicycle Account Overall, satisfaction is increasing on Copenhagen’s bike paths, and an increasing number of people choose the bike to and from work or education. 36 % took their bike to work or education in 2012. In 2014, that number had increased to 45 %. The last two mild winters may have had an effect, but there is no denying that Copenhagen is on the way.

Other interesting figures include:
– An impressive 1,340,000 km is cycled during a weekday. In the previous bicycle account from 2012, the number was only 70.000 km.
– Travel time for cyclists has been reduced by 7 % since 2012.

The development spreads joy at City Hall:
“With the bicycle account in my hand, I can conclude that our efforts work, and that the Copenhageners love to bike in our capital. That being said, we have to keep investing in and expanding the cycling infrastructure in order to create space for the many new cyclists,” says Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration in Copenhagen, Morten Kabell.

Even though the municipality is now close to obtaining its climate goals: that 50 % take their bike to work or education in Copenhagen in 2025, Morten Kabell expects that it will be a greater challenge to get the next 5 % on their bike:
“During the last couple of years, we have picked the low-hanging fruits. This means that the tough work with reaching those commuters who are not easily affected is now ahead,” he says.

In order to ensure future progress, the municipality has to focus on areas which are controversial, but it requires ambitious restructuring to obtain ambitious goals. The future focus areas are:

– More and better parking facilities at the expense of car parking lots. The bicycle account shows that the citizens find bike parking to be the most lacking part of cycling infrastructure.
– Reduced car speed in certain areas around schools and crowded spaces.
– Road pricing for cars which will result in only the most urgent car trips going through Copenhagen.

In order to reach the goal of 50 %, it is expected that investments will have to be around €260 M during a 10-year period. In that way, the capacity on the cycling paths will be secured for present citizens and the around 100,000 new Copenhageners expected during the next 10 years.

Download the Bicycle Account 2014.

Download the Bicycle Account 2014 in Spanish.

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