The Danish National Cycling Fund has been spent

| February 11, 2015
Supercykelstier Region Hovedstaden

Photo: Supercykelstier Region Hovedstaden

In 2009, pressed by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, a majority in the Danish Parliament set aside one billion DKK (app. 135 million Euro) in a national Cycling Fund. Now the money has been spent on 388 cycling projects with splendid results. Yet, a new five-year Cycling Fund does not seem to be underway.

The Bicycle Billion
The bicycle billion was a major breakthrough for cycling in Denmark. At the time, it was not customary for the state to support cycling projects in the municipalities.

Although the final evaluation has yet to come, the results speak for themselves. Over five years, the Cycling Fund supported 388 projects out of more than 1,000 applications. If you include the municipalities’ self-financing, the Cycling Fund has generated investments in cycling for over two billion DKK (app. 270 million Euro).

Two Strokes of Genius
The great interest in the Cycling Fund shows that there is much more work to be done. So, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation regrets that it will not be replaced by a new five-year fund. According to Chairman of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Jette Gotsche:

“The Cycling Fund had two strokes of genius. Firstly, five years was a planning horizon that both municipalities and other partners could work with in terms of investing in a new area. Secondly, the Cycling Fund made it possible to apply for 100 % funding for innovative projects which produced new knowledge or generated cross-disciplinary collaborations.”

New Cycling Funds annual only
In June 2014, the Danish government set aside an annual fund of 180 million DKK (app. 24 million Euro) for Cycle Super Highways and better bicycle parking. But this solution is too short term according to the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.


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