Bicycle theft on the retreat in Aarhus

| February 3, 2015
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Despite an increase in cycling in the Municipality of Aarhus, bicycle theft has decreased from 6,930 thefts in 2011 to 4,894 in 2014.

Bicycle theft is a common problem in Denmark, and many Danes will recognize the frustration of finding that your bike is not where you left it. Various technological solutions have been proposed, but so far the answer has not presented itself. But it looks like Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, is on to something.

According to project manager of Aarhus Cycle City, Pablo Celis, one of teh reasons is that the citizens of Aarhus invest in better and more expensive bikes because they use the bike as their daily mode of transport. Thus, they also protect them better: “They bring their bike into the basement or workplace, and they use both the traditional bike lock as well as a wire lock,” he says.

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This is a resume and translation of an article on, January 29, 2015.

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