10 Danish cities get bicycle playgrounds

| January 30, 2015
Photo: Danish Cyclists' Federation

Photo: Danish Cyclists’ Federation

Children learn best through play. This goes for cycling as well. So, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation is thrilled to announce that they have been granted funds to co-finance the construction of 10 permanent bicycle playgrounds around Denmark over the next three years.

Children who are cycle safe, meaning that they can start, stop, keep a straight line, take one hand off the handlebar to signal etc., will be much better at remembering traffic rules, watching out for other road users, etc. later on.

“This project is a major breakthrough for children’s cycling in Denmark. Through cycling games children get a solid foundation for becoming active and traffic safe cyclists in their childhood, youth, and adulthood. In other words, cycling games helps secure and develop the unique Danish bicycle culture,” says Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

What is a bicycle playground? Have a look at this short film from the opening of the mobile bicycle playground in 2011.

The project is supported by the Danish fund, Nordea-fonden.

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