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| December 8, 2014
Det rullende mobilitetslaboratorie med aarhus-grafik

The rolling mobility laboratory with graphics on the side illustrating a passable, sustainable and healthy city in a humorous way.

Can you work with traffic in a laboratory? In Aarhus we say yes – here a modern caravan is a rolling laboratory for project Smart Mobility. The purpose is to create an insight into the behavior of the road users and test alternative solutions.

The goal is more passable roads and a better city life for the inhabitants of the city who are going to be a part of the development themselves. The lab visits the inhabitants in a suburb, in an densely built-up area, students and employees working for the municipality, and these four test groups are invited inside the caravan to contribute with knowledge and ideas.

Growth makes demands – and not just on the infrastructure
Aarhus is being transformed. New parts of the city are being built, more people choose to live here and the number of businesses is steadily on the rise. This has many advantages but the number of cars and the traffic is also growing dramatically and therefore we have to consider our present traffic habits.

If we do not act the roads will be congested, there will be a lack of parking spots and the environment and city life of Aarhus will suffer. But in order to be able to solve these traffic challenges it is important that we don’t forget the mental and behavioral aspects.

The municipality and road users work together
With our base in the rolling lab we drive out to the inhabitants of the city in order to study their behaviour and together with them develop, test and evaluate the effect of a series of initiatives. Concrete projects are carried out in Beder-Malling (suburb 10 km south of Aarhus), Klostervangen/Vestervang (a closely built-up area in the centre of Aarhus), amongst students and those working for the Aarhus Municipality.

The projects show transport behavior and tests new initiatives in order to challenge the transport habits of those working in the city. Smart Mobility is different for all parts of the city and for all citizens, and therefore solutions must rise out of a co-operation between the project workers of the municipality and the citizens.

Børnecykelløb i Klostervangen

Children’s bicycle race in Klostervangen as a platform for communication and a strategic way into the area.

Children’s bicycle race in residential area
In order to collect the necessary knowledge about the transport habits and values of the citizens it may be necessary to use alternative methods. In September, for example, we arranged a large bicycle race for children in Klostervangen where we would be conducting 1,300 door to door interviews.

By using the children’s bicycle race to be actively present in the local area and as a platform for communication we found a way into the area and following that it became much easier to have a dialogue with the citizens and get the knowledge we will now use to build up our initiatives in the area.

The Centre for City Development and Mobility is behind project Smart Mobility which is financed by the Aarhus Municipality innovation fund and the Danish Transport Authority.The project was started in April 2014 and finishes in March 2017.

The main force behind the projects is an interdisciplinary team consisting of a civil engineer, a landscape architect and an anthropologist as well as people from two other offices and an external advisory committee.

More info: Project Manager Gustav Friis,, phone: +45 41 85 93 63

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