It begins with the children – Danish Cyclists’ Federation speaking at Estonian traffic conference

| October 30, 2014

Cycle SchoolPolitical consultant in the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Jakob Schiøtt Stenbæk Madsen, is speaking at Estonian traffic education conference in Tallin on October 30th.

Jakob will speak about the unique Danish bicycle culture for children. Children is a specific focus area at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. The philosophy is, that cyclists starting early, will keep riding their bikes for the rest of their lives.

Abstract from the conference program:

It begins with the children

Denmark is famous for its bicycle culture which is based on a tradition where parents teach their children to bike. A nation’s bicycle culture starts with the children. In Norway most children are able to ski at a very young age. In Denmark most children are able to ride a bicycle at the age of 3-4.

Bicycling is fun, and it’s important for children to play and have fun on a bike before learning about traffic and safety. When playing on a bike, the child must concentrate on something other than cycling while the child actually bikes. That moves the focus from the cycling to the play. And that’s the whole point in relation to being a safe cyclist. A cyclist who is eager to keep his balance and unsure whether the pedals are now running one or the other way around, is not ready to be let out into traffic. When the child plays on the bike, it will experience, that the child and bike become one. Child and bike balances and movements come along, and the bike acts as a direct extension of the child’s body.

During the last couple of years the Danish Cyclists’ Federation has developed a wide ranch of different bicycle activities for children, parents, kindergartens and schools. The development of a booklet, program and course for cycling games for people working in kindergartens.

Most recently, we have developed something brand new: a mobile bicycle playground with obstacles for the very youngest children. Here the children can play their way through a variety of obstacles. The challenges have been designed specifically for the small cyclists and vary in level of difficulty.

In order to build a cycling nation you must also build a culture of cycling, starting with the children.

Also, children and children’s play on bikes effectively communicate the values of cycling. The mobile bicycle playground has gained a lot of attention from press and municipalities all over Denmark as well as abroad, making it an effective tool for communication.


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