CED members speaking at Managenergy event in Venice

| September 30, 2014

Photo: Managernergy

Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, and Marianne Weinreich, Head of Mobility in VEKSØ and vice chairman in the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, are speaking at the ManagEnergy networking event in Venice on October 1st.

The title of the event is “Supporting cycling for liveable cities: Arguments for policy-makers”.

It is organised by the European Commission together with Eurocities and the European Cyclists’ Federation. The purpose it to set out arguments, strategies and tools for elected representatives and technical staff from cities to invest in cycling infrastructure, and to support the development of a flourishing cycling culture, by presenting innovative new ideas from European cities.

In the program for the event they write:

“With ever greater mobility needs and related pollution from motorised individual transport, there is increasing acknowledgement that cycling is a significant part of mobility solutions in urban areas. At the same time, budgetary restrictions compel decision makers to opt for the most cost-effective policy options without necessarily being aware of the various socio-economic factors that can affect decisions regarding transport infrastructure.”

Klaus Bondam will speak about making visions realities for cities, and Marianne Weinreich will speak about bicycle accounts and how to asses developments in cycling.

You can view the full program for the event here.

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