Electric bicycles for the employees in the Municipality of Aarhus

| August 12, 2014

Woman on bike, smilingSince spring 2013, an occupational center in Aarhus has rented more than 100 electric bikes to the employees in the municipality. Social and health care workers are amongst the most frequent users.

Continuesly more and more employees in the Municipality of Aarhus, are offered the oppurtunity to choose an electric bicycle when going around town while at work. In little less than a year, more than 135 electric bicycles has been rented to workplaces around the municipality, which is considerably more than expected:

“Our goal was to reach 40 bicycle rentals in the first season. Currently we have 135 rentals and expect to reach 200 within 2014,” says Jens Kaysen from Occupational Center South in Aarhus.

The electric bicycles are delivered with a full service agreement, which means that bikes in need of repairs are picked up and repaired within one or two days. This service is performed by citizens whos is part of an employeement testing program at the occupational center.

“This truly is a win-win situation. I believe it is an excellent service that Occupational Center South offers to the employees at the municipality. The electric bicycle is an easy , fast, healthy and environmentally friendly alternatice to the car. I gladly use the electric bicycle when I have meetings around town”, says Thomas Medom, Councillor for Social Affairs and Employment in Aarhus.


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