New innovative bicycle parking in Copenhagen

| August 6, 2014
cykelbed nørreport

Photo: Klaus Holsting

During July, one of Denmarks most busy train stations, Noerreport Station, was equipped with the first of nine “bicycle beds”. The bicycle beds are a new innovative bicyckle parking system designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects and COBE.

The bicycle beds are organically shaped sunken islands with newly developed bicycle racks designed to save space and solve the classic Noerreport problem: Where do I park my bicycle?

“We have doubled the number of bicycle parking spaces close to trains and busses, and then we lowered all the bicycle beds, so you still have a good overview of the new space here,” says construction manager for the New Noerreport, Henrik Vincentsen from Banedanmark.

In total there will be built nine bicycle beds with a capacity of 2100 bicycles all together. The bicycle beds are 30 cm deep with gently sloping edges. At the top of the bicycle racks, solar cells will be installed, making the bicycle beds look like shining islands in the evening.

The first bicycle bed which opened recently, is located at the northern S-train staircase and has space for 60 bicycles. The next bicycle bed to open will be located behind the station’s main staircase and accommodates 325 bicycles.

New Noerreport is built jointly by the City of Copenhagen, Banedanmark and DSB.

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