Guided Tours in medium sized cities

| August 1, 2014

Herning3Please direct your inquiries about the tours directly to the host.

For inquiries unrelated to a specific tour, please contact: or (+45) 40 70 83 77.

Commuting to work by bike in medium sized cities (app. 50.000 inhabitants – 260.000 inhabitants):

Host: Rambøll

This tour will give you the possibility to experience an everyday morning for thousands of Danish bicycle commuters. The tour will take you out on a normal bicycling commuting route in one of the smaller cities in Denmark of your choice. On the tour you will experience how the cities have worked with developing high quality commuter routes for the cyclists by combining infrastructure and different service facilities for the cyclists. The tour can be arranged in Herning (app. 50.000 inhabitants), Aalborg (app. 130.000 inhabitants) or Århus (app. 260.000 inhabitants), so you have the possibility to choose a city size of your interest.

Duration: app. 3 hours – distance app. 10 km

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