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| July 31, 2014
City of Copenhagen / Troels Heien

City of Copenhagen / Troels Heien

The modern world has never been more engaged with cycling, and to celebrate the popularity of the bike, Taylor & Francis Online have created a collection of articles, special issues and books from the past 5 years, with subthemes covering Cycling in the City, Planning for Cycling, Sustainable Transport, Cycling for Leisure, Competitive Cycling, Improving Performance, Scientific Research into Cycling, and Drug Use in Cycling.

On their website they write:

“The modern day bicycle as we know it is the result of man’s desire to create an efficient, man-powered machine for transportation. It began as a practical investment for the working man as a means for commuting, but soon developed into an instrument for leisure and competitive sport.

Today cycling is more important than ever in the world of sport, with advances continually being made in mechanics, materials and equipment. Since the 2012 London Olympics, cycling as an amateur sport has grown in popularity, with more and more people taking up this activity as a fun and convenient way to keep fit. Competitive cycling, however, has recently taken blows to its reputation with key figureheads becoming exposed in doping scandals; a subject which has generated much debate on ethics and moral standards within the sport.

With fossil fuel-powered vehicles on the rise, environmentally conscious commuters – particularly in urban areas – increasingly take to their bikes, encouraging towns and cities to adapt to accommodate safe cycling.”

You can download papers from the collection for free until August 31.

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