New Zealanders seek inspiration from Copenhagen

| July 29, 2014
Photo: City of Copenhagen/Ursula Bach

Photo: City of Copenhagen/Ursula Bach

Today, two cycling professionals from New Zealand met with CED-member Niels Hoé from HOÈ360Consulting as part of a best-practice tour which included Copenhagen.

The two Chief Executives from the two Regional Sports Trusts, Sport Northland and Sport Waikato, had made the long journey from New Zealand to Denmark to study the Danish cycle culture.

“We are interested in how cycling has become so popular in Denmark, in particular what the city has done around cycling infrastructure, cycling education and active transport….in short, we are looking at what we can bring back and implement in New Zealand to increase the popularity of cycling over here,” said Brent Eastwood, Chief Executive of Sport Northland.

After a talk about cycling in Copenhagen, Niels Hoé guided the two visitors on a cycle tour of Copenhagen to show them the best cycling infrastructure Copenhagen has to offer.

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