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| July 23, 2014
Photo: Ursula Bach

Photo: Ursula Bach

See the description of tours offered in Copenhagen here.

Please direct your inquiries about the tours directly to the host.

For inquiries unrelated to a specific tour, please contact: or (+45) 40 70 83 77.

Copenhagen 1:1

Host: Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Copenhagen

What makes Copenhagen’s bicycle culture so special? What makes the Copenhageners bike so much? We will show you. Join us on a ride through our capital and become part of Copenhagen’s famous bicycle culture yourself. We will take you through our favorite cycle streets and show you what makes Copenhagen’s bicycle infrastructure work.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: DKK 4.000 ex VAT and bike rental

Max 15 participants.

ITS, flow and infrastructure:

Host: Rambøll

Learn how Copenhagen has developed its bicycle infrastructure in order to cope with the increasing amount of bicyclists. From complete street refurbishment to lane markings and ITS, the tour will guide you through one of the most cyclist busy streets in the world. The tour will also show you different measures on how to improve the traffic flow on bike lanes and how to adapt the speed of cyclists in green waves. As an added bonus, the tour will show you some of the many service features that improves the life for the daily commuters.

Duration: app. 3 hours – distance app. 12 km

The Green connection:

Host: Rambøll

Experience the green connections through the city and some of the different oases where bicyclists and pedestrians can co-exist. On the tour you will see how Copenhagen have spent a lot of effort to integrate cycling as the preferred means of transport by building bicycle bridges over the harbor and using old railway corridors as bicycle highways. The tour will also show you some of the sites where landscape architecture has integrated the use of bicycles.

Duration: app. 3 hours – distance app. 12 km

Master planning and citizen participation – on wheels:

Host: Rambøll

Are you ready for a change? OK, put your feet to the pedals and travel through the changing city of Copenhagen. Join us on a tour that will focus on the urban master planning of Copenhagen and how citizen participation is an integrated part of urban renewal and development. We will guide you through large, medium and small projects where you will learn how citizens were engaged and how their ideas were brought to life. The tour will take you from the most urban inner setting through the city to the buzzing and ever changing areas of Nørrebro and Vesterbro – with an added bonus of a constant show & tell about the layout of the Copenhagen bike lane and path grid.

Duration: app. 3 hours –  distance app. 12km


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