Cycling is more than getting from A to B

| July 15, 2014
Some of the 30 happy cycle chicks from Randers with initiator Karin Bruun in front.

Some of the 30 happy cycle chicks from Randers with initiator Karin Bruun in front.

In the city of Randers, a group of local women have formed a cycling club with focus on friendly chats and friendship. The group is strictly based on volunteer work, and so far the club has proven a success – for 14 years!

By Britt Møller, Municipality of Randers

Monday is women’s bike night

Come rain or shine, a group of women from the Municipality of Randers loyally meets in front of the local supermarket for their evening bike ride every Monday at 6 PM. The cycling club is open to everyone who enjoys a nice, cozy bike ride which is the turning point for “Cykeltøserne” (the cycle chicks, ed.). Because for “Cykeltøserne” the point is not getting from A to B, but about going on a nice bike ride with your friends.

“We start every Monday at 6 PM, and you can just turn up. No registration is necessary, “ says Karin Bruun who is the woman behind “Cykeltøserne.” The ladies usually bike 20-25 km each of them bringing their own tea or coffee for the breaks. Every year, they also go on a bit longer overnight tours.

No formalities, just fun

The group was formed in 2001, when Karin Bruun got an idea:

“I have always biked a lot and enjoy cycling with others, so I ask two friends if they wanted to form a club,” says Karin Bruun who is also Head of the local branch of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

The three ladies decided against having a board, a membership fee and paper work. They just wanted to do the fun part which was cycling and spending time together. They also decided to make it a women’s club because otherwise the character of the tours would change.

No men allowed

“Men usually bike from A to B, with a purpose and with no breaks. If men joined our trips they would no doubt bike fast, and they wouldn’t have time to chat underway,” says Karin, and the other women smile. “We wait for each other and don’t go very fast, and will stop and have a break and a chat if we want. Men don’t get that!” she adds laughing.

Read more about Randers Cycle City here (site in Danish).

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