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Attention8-logo-2012Attention8 is a digital agency located in Aarhus. We have existed for 10 years, and we love digital challenges! Our skilled team provides our clients with digital communication solutions within web, video and apps.
We are a creative, campaign oriented development house.

We created our first GPS-tracking based bicycle campaign back in 2009 and have since created many others.

Digital motivation of cyclist – a few of our cases
• ‘Around the world in 80 days’
An award-winning campaign used in multiple cities both national and international.
The target group is school children, and the aim is to motivate them to use their bicycles more – on their way to school as well as in their spare time.
Armed with GPS’s each biked kilometer helps the campaign character Dr. Glob on his journey around the world.

• ‘The biking baton’ is a campaign aimed at adults. Here the GPS works as a baton, where each participant gets 24 hours to collect as many km as possible before the next team member takes over.
The goal is to collect as many km as possible within the campaign period and recruit as many team members as possible in order to succeed.

• ‘Walking & Biking School Bus’ is yet another example on how we have used GPS technology to enhance psychical activity amongst children. The concept is simple: A School bus consisting of a group of children walking or riding their bikes to school accompanied by elder students.
After the schools have planed their individual routes and assigned “drivers,” the parent can sign up their children at given bus stops. With a smartphone app, the drivers know which children they have to “drive” to school, and once they enter the school ground, the app automatically sends a message to the parent telling them that their child has arrived safely and wishing them a nice day.

The tracking app ONtheMOVE – a campaign engine
We have developed a generic tracking app for smartphones (iOS and Android) that enables us to track the behavior of people using the app. The app has been used in several campaigns where the goal has been to draw attention to the benefits of cycling.

The tracking app called ONtheMOVE tracks time, distance and speed. The users are able to see their data and routes on a campaign website, and through elements of gamification – e.g. a ranking list on the site, reminders etc. – we are able to motivate the participants.

The app can be used during various activities and campaigns. It is ideal for gathering data concerning transport patterns, as a motivating tool during health campaigns, and as a general communication tool during these campaigns.

It’s a very flexible platform developed to match demanding ideas and concepts.

For further information, contact us at +45 86 14 55 67 – or visit our website:

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