Norway’s oil capital chooses innovative Danish citybikes

| June 16, 2014

Bycykler i StavangerThe participants of the international oil conference ONS2014 in Stavanger will be able to ride the Danish Gobike city- and commuter bicycles when they need to travel between hotels, businesses and conference events in August.

Electric bikes to Norway’s oil capital

Norway’s oil capital Stavanger and business area Forus Næringspark have made an agreement with Gobike A/S in Copenhagen for the delivery of 300 electric bicycles that should be ready on August 20th, just a few days before ONS2014 begins.

It is Forus Næringspark and the project Forusvisjonen who hope that businessmen, visitors and the local population will choose an electric bicycle to get around the city. “The Danish electric bicycle is perfect for people in suits and ties who need to get to a meeting, but also arrives fresh and ready,” says Stein Racin Grødem, administrative director for Forus Næringspark.

“We have chosen to make an agreement with Danish company Gobike because they are innovative and offer a unique robustness and quality with their city bikes”, says Grødem.

In-built navigation

For hotel guests, the bicycle tablet offers unique navigation to and from meetings. At the same time, the electric bicycle means that they can commute further than they could on a traditional bicycle, and in greater comfort.

The bicycles have an in-built electronic screen that can be used for navigation and information and for renting it. The bicycles unlock electronically with a pin code or a credit card and can be returned with ease to the nearest recharging station, locations of which are shown on the screen. All city and commuter bicycles are constantly online. The bicycles can be reserved on the internet.

Gobike Billede 3

The bicycle tablet offers easy navigation for the users.

To begin with, Forus Næringspark will buy 300 bicycles and establish 6 locations for recharging stations.

“This is an international breakthrough for Gobike A/S”, says CSO Niklas Marschall, Gobike. “We are happy and proud that Forus Næringspark have chosen our project. It is the stamp of approval of our sustainable solution when the world’s leading oil region chooses our solution to improve environmentally-friendly local transport”, says Niklas Marschall.

For further information, contact Niklas Marschall on +45 28 12 19 58, or by mail

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