New bicycle bridge in Copenhagen

| April 14, 2014


A new bicycle bridge in Copenhagen is taking shape. Last week, the last major bridge sections were lifted into place, and over the next months, one of Copenhagen’s most demanded bike improvements will be completed. The 12,000 cyclists who every day has to pull their bike up and down the stairs at Copenhagen Mall, will soon be able to go directly from Copenhagen to Amager without getting off the bike.

The existing Brygge-bridge between Copenhagen and Amager opened in 2006 and is a huge succes. With the opening of the new bridge, it will become even easier to use this connection. The design of the new bridge will contribute to the promotion of Copenhagen as a city of cyclists. The Municipality of Copenhagen decided on the raised bridge connection between three suggestions, and extra money was granted to complete this.

“Finally, it looks like the bridge is going to be finished. The new bridge will make the trip easier for the many cyclists who daily cross the harbor on their way between Copenhagen and Amager. The new bicycle bridge also creates a whole new urban space on the promenade under the bridge, where cyclists and pedestrians will no longer have to compete for the space , “says Morten Kabell , Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen.

The new bicycle bridge is 230 meters long and each bridge section weighing up to 28 tons. It will be completed and ready for inauguration in early July.

You can read more about the new bridge in the press release from The Municipality of Copenhagen (in Danish).

Photo: Ursula Bach, Københavns Kommune

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