| January 24, 2014

IS IT A BIRD is a strategic innovation agency. We specialize in understanding behavior and use insights about people’s lives to develop and rethink cities, organisations, products and services. Our style is empathetic and passionate. Our mission is sustained change.


One of our specialties is cycling and knowledge about what causes people to change their transport behavior and choose the bike instead of car for the daily commute. We have conducted several projects on this theme and have generated a big amount of data and solutions for our customers.

IS IT A BIRD encourages, advises and runs innovation processes. We identify patterns in needs, behaviour and aspirations among people. User insights are our starting point and serve as our guideline in the development and innovation of organisations, products and services. We work from an exploratory and inquisitive point of view and always translate our findings into concrete concepts and solutions. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to achieve agile results for a world in constant change.

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