The biggest news items of 2013

| December 30, 2013

We have had a look at what our readers liked in 2013. Perhaps you missed some of the articles?

Top 10

10. 500 meters of bicycle parking

Is Copenhagen getting the world’s longest bike rack? No, but they are getting 1,000 new bicycle parking spaces before summer.

9. The Dutch approach – lessons learnt from a Danish perspective

What can Danish cycle planners learn from the Dutch? This was the key question when a large group of members from Cycling Embassy of Denmark went on a study trip in September 2013.

8. How do we get more people cycling?

Several surveys have shown that people who bike on a daily basis are not only in better physical shape than people who don’t, they are also in better mental shape. But some find it difficult to incorporate the daily exercise into an already tight schedule. Thus, cycling to and from place of work or education is an easy way to incorporate physical activity as an everyday routine in an otherwise busy week. Cycling is not only good for the individual, but also for the environment, for society in the shape of lower health costs, and for companies in the shape of fewer sick days among their employees, which again increases productivity.

7. New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists in Odense

Danish infrastructure design specialists Gottlieb Paludan Architects head the winning team of the invited project competition for a new foot and cycle bridge across the railway in the centre of Odense, the third-largest city in Denmark.

6. It Pays Off to Bike to School

Getting children to bike to school benefits society in terms of both economy, health, and congestion says new report. COWI has analyzed the effect of the popular Bike to School campaign which is organized by the Danish Cyclists’ federation and TrygFonden.

5. Strong bike lights with no batteries

A bike light that lights up the street for you without wheel resistance or the batteries running dry? That is the reality with magnetic lights – today’s version of the dynamo light. The newest model from the Danish company Reelight has an extra strong front light, perfect for areas with no streetlights.

4. Copenhagen’ s new bike share system unveiled

The wait will soon be over: the Municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are getting a new bike share system.

3. New Report on National Cycle Routes in Denmark

In 1993, Denmark established the world’s first official signed national cycle route network. Since the establishment of the approx. 3,500 km of routes, however, there has not been so much focus on it. A new report on the condition of the routes proposes changes to route structure and signage.

2. Copenhagen’s Bicycle Account

Historically high levels of cycling in Copenhagen. Copenhagen’s new Bicycle Account 2012 has just hit the streets. Here, the city documents the latest development in cycling. Both cyclists’ feeling of safety, actual safety and the amount of kilometers cycled are historically high. In several areas, however, Amsterdam is still ahead of Copenhagen, but Copenhagen is coming close.

1. Are cyclists good customers?

This was the question asked in a comprehensive study conducted by the City of Copenhagen on the link between shopping and transport mode. The answer is yes!

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