New Danish school uses CykelScore to boost cycling

| September 9, 2013

25The Danish city Frederikshavn has high ambitions: They want to become the healthiest and most exercising municipality of Northern Jutland. As part of this strategy, the brand new school, “Nordstjerneskolen,” wants to become Denmark’s most bicycle-friendly school. CykelScore is part of their strategy.

The new school is initiating a number of activities to ensure that students and teachers can walk or bike safely to school. CykelScore is one of the initiatives that are to make it safer and more fun to bike to school.

In August, the CykelScore Team introduced the all-year concept to the school’s 1,500 students at a school event. All the students received a starter kit with a chip for their bike and information about the competitions – and prizes – involved in CykelScore at Nordstjerneskolen. Afterwards, they could get help attaching the chips so they could start scoring some cycle points.

The school has put up four check points around the school plus two along the safest school route. In addition, the school has got two information posts outside and one inside where you can see how many students have biked to school today.

As of now, half the school’s students have registered in CykelScore and are cycling to win the prizes at Nordstjerneskolen.

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