New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists in Odense

| June 5, 2013

Danish infrastructure design specialists Gottlieb Paludan Architects head the winning team of the invited project competition for a new foot and cycle bridge across the railway in the centre of Odense, the third-largest city in Denmark.

By Charlotte Kjær Petersen, Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Bicycle bridge in Odense

Old missing link becomes new landmark
The bridge will provide a link between Central Odense and the new urban developments by the harbour, and it will become a landmark for the city — very visible to everybody passing Odense railway station on the train, on foot, or by bike.

The winning proposal strives to create a bridge with extraordinary qualities in terms of design, and the experience it engenders for its users, ensuring clear and attractive functionality for all who will be using it daily on their way to work, school, or leisure activities.

The City in Motion
The bridge project will form an organic extension of the city space in a smooth, inviting motion between north and south. Under the motto The City in Motion, it is the ambition to ensure the enduring value of the foot and cycle bridge by designing a simple and beautiful construction based on the natural traffic patterns; the bridge design aims to create a beacon for Odense and a celebration of non-motorized traffic.

Bicycle bridge in Odense

The panel of judges commented in its report: “The foot and cycle bridge has a natural relationship with the location, and it almost feels as if it has always been there. It is the panoramic view and people in motion that constitute the centre of the experience and thereby also the actual iconic spirit of the proposal.”

The prominent feature of the bridge and the city will be the 30-metre pylon in mirror-finished steel carrying the longest span of the bridge and symbolizing its roots in the city. The lighting of the pylon will follow the same principles as that of the rest of the construction and will dynamically reflect what it is all about, namely the motion of people and cyclists crossing the bridge — the natural flow of life. It will be a general feature of the lighting of the bridge, which will be synchronized with the actual flow of pedestrians and cyclists from the city to the harbour and vice versa.

The bridge will also enrich the urban space of Odense with two new attractive squares — one in the centre of the city and the other near a new adult education centre due for completion in 2014. The squares will serve as meeting points and arrival areas for train passengers and will provide space for 1400 new bike parking spaces.

Bicycle bridge in Odense


Facts about the bridge:
• 130 m bridge spanning the rails
• Total length of bridge and ramps, 300 m
• 30-metre pylon in mirror-finished steel
• Approx. 1400 new bicycle parking spaces
• 2 new attractive city squares
• Access for all via ramps, stairs, and elevators
• Expected inauguration by the end of 2014

For further information, please contact
Gottlieb Paludan Architects A/S
Sten Sødring, Head of Communication, Architect MAA
Direct line: +45 40 790 220

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