Meet the Cycling Embassy of Denmark at Velo-city 2013

| June 5, 2013

In June 2013, city and traffic planners, NGOs, researchers and other cycle experts from around the world will gather at Velo-city 2013 in Vienna. Of course, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark will also be on the spot. Come and meet us at our exhibit and exchange knowledge with us.

By Mai-Britt Kristensen, Coordinator, Cycling Embassy of Denmark


The world’s first cycling embassy
The Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) is the world’s first cycling embassy, currently counting 25 members (municipalities, private companies, NGOs, etc.). Our mission is to make Denmark the world’s leading cycling country and the primary source when it comes to knowledge, dialogue, and innovation in the field of cycling.

Cities from Chicago to Seoul are working to increase cycling, and their administrations and NGO’s look to Denmark and other countries where the cycling modal share is high for inspiration. As a result, the CED is increasingly organising master classes, excursions, and courses for foreign visitors.

Read more about the CED and our members’ activities at You can also follow us on Twitter and facebook.

Dea Seeberg from VEKSØ says ”thank you for cycling” to the delegates at Velo-city.

Dea Seeberg from VEKSØ says ”thank you for cycling” to the delegates at Velo-city in Vancouver.

Where can I meet the CED?
Come meet us at our exhibition stand (no. 2.02.) and have a chat in our lounge area. Special Meet Today’s Speakers events will take place during the last coffee break each day of the conference.

Here, you can discuss the topics of some of the CED members’ many presentations in further detail. See the list of CED participants, speakers and their presentations below.

Who can I meet:
• Anne-Kirstine Juul Spring, Kofoed & Co
• Ayfer Baykal, Mayor of the Traffic and Environmental Administration, City of Copenhagen; presenting “How Cities Support Their Cyclists in Different Ways”
• Carsten Friis, Kofoed & Co
• Dea Seeberg, Veksø
• Erik Kjærgaard, Atkins Danmark; presenting “30 km/h in Cities. Both for Cars and Bicycles!”
• Henrik Spanggaard, Veksø
• Jan Dam, Veksø
• Jens Kvorning, Danish Cyclists’ Federation
• Jens Loft Rasmussen, Danish Cyclists‘ Federation; presenting “Bike to Work = Money in the Bank for Society”
• Jesper Pørksen, Danish Cyclists‘ Federation, presenting “Releasing the Potential of Danish Cycle Tourism: A Collaborative Effort Across Sectors and Industries”
• Jette Gotsche, Danish Cyclists’ Federation
• Line Berg Stærk, Aros Kommunikation
• Line Groot, City of Copenhagen; presenting “Karma on the Cycle Tracks: Results From a Campaign to Promote Good Cyclist Behaviour”
• Lone Andersen, Municipality of Frederiksberg
• Mai-Britt Kristensen, Danish Cyclists‘ Federation; presenting “The Bicycle Playground: Building Bicycle Culture, Kids‘ Style”
• Marc Saxton, Veksø
• Marianne Weinreich, VEKSØ Mobility; presenting “Making Cycling Part of a School‘s DNA: Experiences from Two Schools in Odense, Denmark”
• Marie Kastrup, City of Copenhagen; presenting “Are Cyclists Good Customers?”
• Nanette Simonsen Rytter, Municipality of Fredericia
• Niels Hoé, HOÉ360Consulting; presenting “Flex-parking: Bicycles and Cars can Share the Same Parking Space”
• Niels Tørsløv, City of Copenhagen; presenting “10 Cycling Mistakes of the Dutch and the Danes, and How You Can Avoid them!”
• Rasmus Albrink, COWI; presenting “Realistic Micro Simulation of Bicycle Traffic. Improving the Simulation of Cyclist Behaviour in the Software Program VISSIM”
• Simon Rask, Danish Cancer Society; presenting “Healthy and Bicycle-Friendly School Roads: A Manual of Structural Ideas Promoting Active Transportation for Schools”
• Trine Bunton, Rambøll
• Troels Andersen, Municipality of Frederica; presenting “Seducing Cyclists with B-Track-B: How to Stimulate Cycling with Modern Behavioural Economics”.

Many delegates dropped by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s stand at Velo-city. Thank you for coming to see us.

Many delegates dropped by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s stand at Velo-city in Vancouver.

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