Leaders jump in the saddle to network

| June 5, 2013

Randers has had such great success getting more people to jump on the bike that local business leaders have been inspired to form their own cycling network. Instead of meeting in an office, they hold their meetings in the saddle.

By Britt Møller, Municipality of Randers

The bicycle network BIKE NETWORK has been in existence for about two months, and already it has become a great success with 24 members who challenge each other from the bike saddle.

Lars Møller is branch executive officer at the bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank, and chairman of BIKE NETWORK. He established the network with four other business people from Randers.

‘Randers is an active cycling city. This inspired us to establish a bike network as an alternative to other networks where we are also members,’ says Lars Møller, who also points out that the network is not a cycling club but a network for business professionals.

‘When 24 people bike together, you continuously move around among each other and quite naturally get to talk to new people. Cycling creates fellowship in a new way compared to when you sit around a table. We get many good discussions when on the bike,’ says Lars.

Leaders network

In Randers, 24 members from the business community use each other as sounding boards while cycling – instead of meeting while still around a table.

Better physical fitness gives breath of view

During the winter, the group uses mountain bikes, but in summer the participants jump on their racing bikes.

‘In addition to expanding professional relations, the network is also about health. When you bike and use your body, you feel better and feel greater self-worth. You become more creative, get a broader view of things, and are better able to solve conflicts. This rubs off on your professional life,’ explains John Morgen, director of Randers Harbour and one of the founders of BIKE NETWORK.

Community on the highway
The network meets about ten times a year. Every meeting starts with a refreshing bike ride and ends with an activity organised by two of the members who do not know each other so well. Sometimes they visit network members’ companies. At a network meeting in April, the group biked with racing cyclist, Rolf Sørensen, who afterwards told the group about Tour de France.

‘Our goal is to get more sparring partners for the benefit of our companies, and so far, BIKE NETWORK has met our expectations,’ says John Morgen. The network will not be accepting further members for a period of time, as the current members need time to get to know each other. More members can also give logistical challenges if you have to cut the group in two when cycling on the narrow highways.

‘The network is also about community and having fun together. This is why we always bike out and back together,’ says John.

Read more about the network at www.bikenetworkranders.dk (in Danish).

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