Strong bike lights with no batteries

| March 19, 2013

A bike light that lights up the street for you without wheel resistance or the batteries running dry? That is the reality with magnetic lights – today’s version of the dynamo light. The newest model from the Danish company Reelight has an extra strong front light, perfect for areas with no streetlights.


Many bike lights are just meant for the cyclist to be seen by other road users. Now, Reelight has developed a new light that gives a strong and constant light cone, even without batteries.
“Some cyclists need a front light that can really light up the street. With our newest model, RL700, they get a strong light that generates power on its own. The light is ideal if you bike outside town or in areas with poor street lighting”, says director of Reelight, Kenneth Linnebjerg.

Magnetic lights: modern technology

Previously, dynamo lights stole energy from the momentum of the cyclist, who felt a clear resistance. In snowy weather, they often didn’t work at all. That’s not the case with Reelight magnetic lights, which are friction-free and work through induction. Three little magnets are fixed on the bike wheel. Each time they pass a generator, they produce power for the lights. You cannot feel that the bike is creating its own energy, and the robust technology works in all kinds of weather.


Good for both environment and cyclist
Users of magnetic lights are enthusiastic about them for several reasons. First, it is easier to not have to worry about changing batteries. Not having to replace batteries is also good for the environment. Second, magnetic lights are fixed on the bike and automatically turn themselves on every time you start cycling. Finally, it takes tools to remove the lights so you can leave your bike without having to worry about the lights getting stolen.

What do cyclists say about the lights?
’It’s a pleasure to get so much light in front of me. It means that I’m not only visible, I can also see where I am going myself when I’m taking my kid to daycare.’

’Where I live, it is pitch dark. We have no streetlights. So, the lights are great because they are visible from far away, and they light up very well. I could see my daughter from a long distance.’

’It’s a good idea that you can also see the light from the side if a car comes from a side street. That makes me feel safe.’

’It’s quality, and I don’t mind paying for that and the extra security.’

A bike rider from Louisiana:
‘As a long-time user of the first versions of magnet bike lights, I was amazed at how much brighter the RL700 is – the front light illuminates the road for several meters in front of my bike, and the back light even puts a red illumination on the road. I was also amazed at how well the back light stays illuminated at traffic lights and other stops. Because they have no batteries and are always on, my wife is now insisting that I purchase the RL700 for both of my daughters’ bikes!’


The new magnetic lights have been well received by Danish cyclists and bicycle dealers. They are now available in the rest of Europe.

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