| March 2, 2013

VEKSØ logoVEKSØ is an international brand in the market of urban furniture and we strive to combine design, quality and usability in all our products. Our mission is that our product will enrich urban life for the people who use them.

VEKSØ was founded 60 years ago with the purpose of developing and producing bicycle parking facilities for Danish schools.Our Urban Cycling Solutions product line contains bicycle parking, shelters, bicycle air pumps, cyclist counters, and tilted bins for cyclists, foot rests etc. Please visit our website at or the following publications:

For more information contact:

Tel: +45 7921 2200


Our headquarter is in Denmark, and we also have sales offices in Stockholm SE, in the UK outside London, and in Wiesbaden, DE.

VEKSØ Mobility
At VEKSO in Denmark we also have a mobility departments were skilled and experienced mobility consultants advice cities and companies on cycling policy, process and promotion. Our head of Mobility, Marianne Weinreich is since 5 years vice chair of Cycling Embassy of Denmark, and she also gives presentations about cycling promotion, cycling in Denmark etc.

Contact her at:

Head of Mobility, Marianne Weinreich
Tel: +45 2126 9086
twitter: @mobimaw


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