Denmark’s First Park and Bike Terminal

| December 4, 2012

Many commuters that work in Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, live in the surrounding municipalities and thus have a long drive ahead of them before they get to work. So, the City of Aarhus has come up with a new project that invites commuters to exchange the last part of the drive with a refreshing bike ride.

The project has been named a Park and Bike Terminal. It is the first of its kind and is located by Egå Engsø in Lystrup. The idea is to increase the number of multi-modal trips by establishing a parking facility close to radial roads and cycle tracks.

‘We would like to give people that commute to Aarhus the opportunity to park outside the city centre. Instead of wasting time on congested roads, they can bike the last part of the trip and get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. The facility by Egå Engsø has space for about 100 bikes and 60 parked cars. Those who would like to leave their bike at the terminal at night can rent an individual and locked parking booth for around DKK 400 (50 euro) per year,’ says Project Manager at Aarhus Cycle City, Pablo Celis.

You can rent your own private parking box at the terminal.

‘It is an exciting project because it represents a new mindset,’ he adds. The terminal is also meant as an offer for larger companies that employ people from the surrounding areas, such as Randers and Djursland, that do not have parking spaces for all their employees. The companies can keep company bikes at the terminal and thereby offer their employees a healthy transport alternative. ‘The company can send a positive message and support its employees,’ says Pablo.

Aside from the parking facilities, the project also includes an outdoor fitness area and a bicycle playing area for children. Thus, the terminal area is intended to be a recreational one that can be used for various activities during the whole day and not just when the commuters use it in the mornings and afternoons. According to Pablo, the idea is also to provide locals with an area for exercise and play.

The bicycle playing area is also a part of the Park and Bike Terminal. The outdoor fitness area can be seen in the back-ground.

The Park and Bike Terminal in Lystrup was established in connection with a whole new cycle route to Aarhus, where planners have focused on creating a fast and comfortable route that also offers a recreational experience on the bike ride, far from cars and noise.

The City of Aarhus plans to build four more Park and Bike Terminals within a 5-10 km radius of the city centre.

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