Bicycle Ambassadors Promote Cycling in Randers

| December 4, 2012

For two years, Randers Cycle City has collaborated with 18 active bicycle ambassadors who work to get more people to jump on bikes in Randers.

By Britt Møller, Municipality of Randers

The bicycle ambassadors are local town councillors, directors, representatives from cultural organisations, athletes, and activists that feel passionately about cycling. Cooperating with the ambassadors has been very important to Randers Cycle City.

‘The difference in age, profession, or sports interests of the ambassadors is a great advantage. This is partly because they appeal to different target groups, and partly because they have different networks that they can call upon for the various campaigns when they help Randers Cycle City,’ says Project Manager in Randers Cycle City, Birgit Berggrein.

Bicycle ambassador and conductor for Randers’ chamber orchestra, David Riddell, conducts a concert on old bicycle parts with the other bicycle ambassadors of Randers.

Different ambassadors for different projects

Birgit explains how Randers Cycle City uses its ambassadors.

‘When we want the press to cover a cycle event, we invite one of our famous bicycle ambassadors like the Junior World Champion, Mads Würtz Schmidt. When starting a pilot project in the district of Dronningborg, we used our ambassadors from the Hornbæk district to pass on their experiences to the citizens of Dronningborg. When we opened our new bicycle parking facilities for commuters close to the freeway, we had help from one of our ambassadors who is the president of a large company in Randers. He gave a statement as a business owner supporting the project.’

Mads Würtz Schmidt, bicycle ambassador and 2011 World Champion in Juniors Individual Time Trial, handing out vests for cyclists during campaign in Randers.

Dual partnership

But not only Randers Cycle City is benefitting from having bicycle ambassadors. So does Lasse Sommer, himself a bicycle ambassador and an active member of the cycle club Team Lir.

‘There are clear advantages in being a bicycle ambassador and having a close collaboration with Randers Cycle City. If Randers Cycle City needs cyclists to participate in their events, I can use my extensive network in the cycle club Team Lir. In turn, Randers Cycle City uses their contacts to help Team Lir get press coverage for our races,’ explained Lasse.

Abundant goodwill

Randers Cycle City started with 12 ambassadors. Now they have 18, and so far, no one has declined when approached by Randers Cycle City.

‘People have been very willing to participate in our bicycle project. Most of them want to work for a good cause, and they want to make an active effort for Randers. We have been very lucky and hope that we can continue and extend the network of ambassadors. With their network and their way with the press, they draw attention to the work we do to get more people on bikes in Randers,’ said Birgit.


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