Newsletter 7 – June 2012

| June 30, 2012

Cars and bikes share parking spaces in Copenhagen, new cycle super highways generate more cyclists, and three German cities win bicycle counters from CED member VEKSØ. Read about it in our newsletter.

Shared (parking) space for cars and bikes

Can bikes and cars share the space?
In cities where space is in short supply, you need to think outside the box to make room for everyone. When it comes to a cycle city like Copenhagen, with its countless cyclists, you also need to allot parking space for both cars and bikes.

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Cycle cities awarded bicycle counters

A bicycle counter was recently presented to each of the three German cities of Offenburg, Karlsruhe, and Freiburg in the Land of Baden-Württemberg. All three cities have been officially nominated as cycle cities by the German Ministry of Transport on the grounds that “a bicycle counter is a visible proof of a dedicated effort to strengthen cycling.”

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Cycle Super Highways to generate more cyclists in Greater Copenhagen Area

Commuters keen on cycling to their place of work or education in the Greater Copenhagen area have just gotten their first route in what will become a whole network of world-class cycle routes. Denmark’s first ‘cycle super highway’ between the suburb Albertslund and Copenhagen’s City Centre opened in April. With few stops and a high level of comfort, the cycle super highways will make it fast, easy, and safe to reach more destinations.

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Danish cycle experts heading to Velo-city in Vancouver, B.C.

When Vancouver, B.C., opens its cycle tracks to Velo-city Global conference goers from across the globe this June, the Danes will be on the spot. A delegation of 15 from the Cycling Embassy of Denmark will cross the pond to share knowledge and search for new inspiration.

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