Leadership award for cycling promotion 2012

| March 29, 2012

This summer, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark is awarding an individual or an organisation with the Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2012 for the fourth time. But we need your help to nominate the truly dedicated cycling promoters. Who is to follow the previous winners, Mayor Bloomberg, New York City; Roelof Wittink, Dutch Cycling Embassy; and Lake Sagaris, Ciudad Viva?

Award ceremony this summer

On 26-29 June, the wheels will be turning in Vancouver, B.C., when Velo-City Global – the largest global conference on cycle planning and infrastructure development – rolls into the Canadian city. Keeping with the tradition, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark will be announcing the winner of the Leadership award for cycle promotion 2012 during the conference.

You can have a say in who should receive the award this year. All we need from you is a short e-mail describing the individual or organisation you believe deserves the award and why. Please send your nomination for this year’s award to jam@dcf.dk not later than April 30, 2012.

Former award winners

The first-ever to receive the leadership award was New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who accepted the award in Copenhagen during the COP15 in 2009.

Mayor Bloomberg has inspired cities around the world with his leadership in promoting bicycling as part of a broader sustainability strategy. The impressive results in New York City will be a driving force for increased cycling globally,” board member of the Cycling Embassy Niels Tørsløv from the City of Copenhagen argued.

At the Velo-City Global conference in Copenhagen in 2010, the award travelled from New York across the Atlantic Ocean to the Netherlands where Roelof Wittink of the Dutch Cycling Embassy has inspired people around the world.

“For many years, Roelof Wittink has inspired leaders, organisations, and ordinary people not only in developing countries, but all around the world with his leadership in promoting bicycling. He is admired for his persistent commitment, his believe in capacity building, democracy, and the strength in grassroots movements. His extensive knowledge and dedication have been of great encouragement and support to those working for sustainable transport and poverty reduction in the world,” stated Chairman Troels Andersen from the City of Fredericia.

In Seville in 2011, the award travelled back across the Atlantic to Chile to commend Lake Sagaris’ work at Ciudad Viva.

“Lake Sagaris is an outstanding example of how a committed activist can raise public awareness and mobilise citizens in a joint effort to demand a livable city. The results of her great dedication and professionalism are an inspiration not only to Chile but also to the rest of the world,” said deputy chairman Marianne Weinreich from VEKSØ.

 But who is next? The word is yours: jam@dcf.dk.


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