Travel at the speed of light in Aalborg

| March 28, 2012

Cyclists travelling on the commuter route between the university and the city centre will now get through the Hadsundvej/Humlebakken intersection easier. During day the cyclists can follow a series of green lane lights in the cycle path. In the evening, the cyclists themselves activate green light in the intersection.
As a new service for cyclists, the City of Aalborg has installed LED-lights in the cycle path on a part of the road south of the Hadsundvej/Humlebakken intersection. The concept is simple: If you follow the green lane lights, you will reach the green light at the intersection. The LED lights have been installed between 50 and 140 meters from the intersection and they are located with approximately ten metres between them. Behind the simple concept is an advanced technological system which has not been demonstrated before.

The lane lights are controlled by the traffic light programme in the intersection. In the evening and at night, cyclists will activate their own green light when passing a detector in the cycle path approximately 200 metres before the intersection. If the cyclists follow the green lane lights at 18 kilometres per hour, they will get a green light in the intersection. The demonstration of the system is part of the commuter travel route for cyclists in the CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES project.

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