New traffic management solutions in Copenhagen

| February 10, 2012

Koebenhavn_imageSoon, the Copenhagen pedestrians, cyclists, and bus passengers will enjoy new high-tech traffic management solutions. This will not only mean less commuting time, but also a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly means of transport.

This is due to an agreement made between the City of Copenhagen and Imtech. Imtech will upgrade, improve and maintain all 365 road junctions in the city. The agreement includes a traffic management system based on ITS technology. The new system will reduce CO2 emissions and save the city around 270,000 Euro a year.

With the new agreement, it becomes possible to link the traffic lights into a single network, hereby the light signals can be adjusted to the current traffic. This makes it considerably easier to manage the traffic in both roadworks and if unforeseen events happen. At the same time it opens opportunities to integrate the signal system with Bluetooth, applications for navigation devices and smartphones.



Category: Danish Cycling Know How

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