The biggest news items of 2011

| January 5, 2012

A roundup of what was popular on our site in 2011. We have had a look at what our readers liked in 2011. Perhaps you missed some of the news items?

Top 10

1. Cycling statistics from Denmark

A short and clear statistically introduction to Danish cycling, covering cycles, cars, cycle paths, safety and health among other things.

2. X-tra bikes on the S-train

The first S-trains with double space for bikes are now up and running. S-train has introduced one-way traffic in the new bike compartments to make it easier and faster to get on and off.

3. The cycling map of Denmark

Danish Cyclists’ Federation has made two maps based on data from Technical University of Denmark. The maps depicts the part of cycle trips in proportion to all trips made – incl. car, walking, and public transport.

4. Cycle Super Highways in Greater Copenhagen area

”On your bike!” is the message being directed at citizens in the Greater Copenhagen area. The message is part of a collaboration among 18 local authorities and the Capital Region of Denmark, who wish to create a network of bicycle commuter routes that encourage more people to bike to work.

5. CO2 neutral cycle path lighting in Aarhus

We meet him at the Skoedstrup exit outside of Aarhus in Denmark, just before twilight on a November day in 2010. Considering the high speed and the 9 km he has just cycled, he arrives in rather a relaxed mode, but this is quite characteristic for a fireball thrilled about his mission. We are talking about lighting of cycle paths with Pablo Celis, project manager for Aarhus Cycle City.

6. ‘Copenhagenization’ in the Danish capital

Richard Quest tests out the bicycle-friendly streets of Copenhagen, where they’re paving the way for cycling cities.

7. Bicycle Account creates better bicycle conditions

The City of Copenhagen has just published its Bicycle Account 2010, which shows the advances in cycle traffic in the Danish capital – and where there is room for improvement.

8. A Politician on Two Wheels

“I cycle approximately 10 kilometers on an average day. I ride my bike everywhere unless it’s very far or if the clothes I wear are very unpractical.For example parties with the queen – you can’t ride a bike wearing a dress with a train!” say Margrethe Vestager.

9. Cycle Campaigns in Denmark

It can be hard to determine the exact effect of cycle campaigns, but the tendency in the Danish bicycle culture is clear: In cities that make a systematic effort at promoting cycling, more and more people choose to cycle. There is no doubt that cycle campaigns play a part in this success. This catalogue gives an overview of 14 concrete campaigns, their goals, how they worked in practice, and their results.

10. 6 Jogos de Bicicleta

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark have developed a small booklet with six cycling games in Portuguese with the help of the Transporte Ativo and the Danish Cultural Institute. So if you need some help, how to learn children to bike, this really is a great way to get started.




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