Newsletter 5 – December 2011

| December 30, 2011

Mom, can we go to the bicycle playground today?

Around 5000 kids in Copenhagen have tested and approved the Danish Cyclists’ Federation’s bicycle playground. Now it is going out to play in the rest of the country.

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Good signals – for safety’s sake

The City of Copenhagen has high ambitions when it comes to cycling: The goal is that by 2015, 50% of all transportation to and from place of work or education will be conducted on bike. In addition, it is to be safe and secure to cycle in the city. Thus, the number of seriously injured cyclists is to be reduced by 50% in the period 2007-2015.

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Introducing: Mejlgade, the first cycle street in Denmark

The City of Aarhus has now begun work to transform the street Mejlgade to a so-called cycle street – the first of its kind in Denmark. In short, this means that Mejlgade will be turned into a sort of pedestrian street, but for cyclists – where the cars have to be extra considerate of cyclists.

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Cycling on the agenda in 11 Nordic municipalities

Strategic and systemic promotion of cycling have been the key words for 11 small and medium-sized municipalities in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden who for the past three years have participated in the interregional bicycle project, “Nordic Cycle Cities.”

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