Cycle Campaigns in Denmark

| December 10, 2011

Danes cycle a lot and with good reason. It is easy to get ahead on the many thousand kilometres of cycle tracks, and it is also often the fastest way of moving about in the larger cities. The strong and long-standing tradition of organising cycle campaigns that motivate and inspire cyclists to both cycle more and cycle more safely has also made more people jump on the bicycle. The largest and oldest campaigns focus on children who cycle to school and adults who cycle to work, but recent years have seen the birth of a long list of more specialised campaigns with narrower target groups, especially in the country’s leading cycle-friendly municipalities.
It can be hard to determine the exact effect of cycle campaigns, but the tendency in the Danish bicycle culture is clear: In cities that make a systematic effort at promoting cycling, more and more people choose to cycle. There is no doubt that cycle campaigns play a part in this success.
This catalogue gives an overview of 14 concrete campaigns, their goals, how they worked in practice, and their results.

You can download the publication as a pdf at issuu or here.
If you are interested in printing the publication in a higher resolution, feel free to email the Cycling Embassy at

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