Red light does not apply to cyclists!

| October 11, 2011

“Red light does not apply to cyclists” reads the top story on the free daily newspaper Urban today. The story is based on the new cycling strategi from the City of Copenhagen, which set the stage for cyclists being allowed to turn right on red and to drive towards one-way traffic in most streets.

Ayfer Baykal, Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen stresses that safety remains the first priority:

“Moreover, the police have to approve the solutions, so we feel secure about it,” stresses Ayfar Baykal to Urban.

Rules designed to reality
In Copenhagen, there are more bicycles than residents. 55 percent of the people who live and work in Copenhagen bike to work. One of the streets where many cyclists currently turn right on red illegally, is at the Queen Louise’s Bridge. On the most busy days, around 40,000 cyclists passes a day (not all of them turns rights!):

“It seems quite natural that in a cycling city like Copenhagen, makes adjustments in order to improve flow of traffic. And if right turn on red lights get’s legalized, cyclists still have duty to give way to approaching traffic,” says Danish Cyclists’ Federation‘s Head of Communications, Frits Bredal, to Urban.

Successful experiments in Aarhus

In Aarhus, the municipality last month had a successful trial with right turn on red at an intersection in the City Center. A special signpost marks to cyclists that they are allowed to turn right on red.

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