The British Cycling Economy

| August 22, 2011

Interesting study made by Dr. Alexander Grous, LSE, and SKY showing that the British cycling industry is “generating an estimated £2.9b per annum with strong signs of sustainable growth over the long term”.

We believe this is the first-ever attempt to chart the full extent of cycling’s contribution to the British economy. Previous studies have focused on particular sectors such as the bicycle retail trade, but never before has a study been conducted into the true ‘Gross Cycling Product’ (GCP) of UK plc – from bike sales to improved health.

The GCP report was conceived by Sky and British Cycling and has been made a reality through the London School of Economics. We commissioned the report, to act as a stake in the ground, a demonstration of where cycling is right now in the UK, and where it has the potential to go with the right support, delivering benefits that all of us can enjoy.

Since 2008 we have been Principal Partner to British Cycling and we have a deep involvement in the sport that extends from mass participation grassroots events such as Sky Ride through to the professional racers of Team Sky. Together with British Cycling we are working towards a target to get 1m more Britons on their bikes and cycling regularly by 2013. It’s an objective that extends to our own workforce and through them we’re already seeing first-hand the many benefits cycling can deliver to both individuals and a business. It’s been an exciting journey so far and it’s only going to continue.

You can read the introduction HERE

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