The Carrot, the Stick and the Tambourine – Revitalizing Copenhagen as a City of Cyclists

| June 21, 2011

In the 1970’s Copenhagen was just as car-clogged as many other capital cities around the world. Today the bicycle is the preferred means of transport in the Danish capital – each morning 37% of everybody going to work or education in the city chooses the bike. What did Copenhagen do to push things in a cyclist-friendly direction?
Which lessons could be learned from Copenhagen? And which challenges is Copenhagen facing today? Director of the Bicycle Programme in Copenhagen, Andreas Røhl will introduce us to the city, it’s citizens and the measures that has been brought to daylight to create a modern green capital where cycling is as natural as brushing your teeth. The work to prioritize cycling in the Copenhagen cityscape is not following a one way strategy. The city is rather reaching its results with a complex mixture of bicycle-friendly infrastructure, cultural empathy and development of methods and tools to position cycling as an inextricable element of urban planning. Andreas will lay forward the Copenhagen challenges and highlight some of the carrots, sticks and tambourines that the city of Copenhagen takes into use when pursuing the goal of gaining market shares in favour of cycling.

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