Copenhagen’s new Bicycle Account shows continuing growth in cycling

| May 28, 2011

KK Bicycle Account 2010 forsideNot since the 60s, have the citizens of Copenhagen pedaled as much as they did in 2010. Fresh figures from the City of Copenhagen’s new Bicycle Account shows that the citizens have cycled an average of 1.21 mil. km. a day in 2010. This marks an increase of 40.000 km. a day since 2008 and a 30 % increase since 1996.

Other interesting tendencies include:
• Health impact of cycling is good business
The total health impact of Copenhageners’ cycling habits are worth DKK 1,7 billion (appr. 228 million € or 307 million $).

• Cycling contributes to local growth
In Greater Copenhagen, 309 businesses sell, repair and produce bicycles, thus generating approx. 650 full time jobs and a total estimated annual turnover of DKK 1.3 billion.

• Cycling safety historically high
Albeit the increase in the number of kilometers cycled in 2010, the number of seriously injured cyclists dropped to 92 annually. That figure is more than halved compared with 1996 when there were 252 seriously injured cyclists, reducing the risk of serious injury for cyclists with three quarters.

• Marked increase in cyclists’ perceived safety
Two out of three cyclists feel safe or very safe in Copenhagen’s traffic, compared to only every other cyclist in 2008.

• Demand for wider cycle tracks
The rising number of cyclists constitutes a challenge to the city’s cycle track capacity. This is evidenced by a decrease in Copenhageners’ satisfaction with the width of the cycle tracks from 67 % in 1996 to 51 % in 2010.

• Copenhagen’s cargo bikes are here to stay
Every sixth family with children in Copenhagen possesses a cargo bike. It is estimated that the city hosts approx. 19.000 cargo bikes, equivalent to a replacement value of DKK 285 million.

You can download Bicycle account 2010 – Copenhagen and other publications HERE.

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