Lake Sagaris awarded!

| March 25, 2011

Lake Sagaris was today, March 25th, at the Velo-City 2011 conference, awarded with the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2011. The reason is:

“Lake Sagaris is an outstanding example of how a committed activist can raise public awareness and mobilize citizens in a joint effort to demand a livable city. The results of her great dedication and professionalism are an inspiration not only to Chile but also to the rest of the world.”

We have collected nominations from people all over the world since late last year using our newsletter. A lot of prominent cycle advocates have been discussed but in the end, all agreed on awarding Lake Sagaris.

Here you have our introduction speech:

“For the last two years The Cycling Embassy of Denmark, a network of cycling experts from Danish cities, private companies and NGO’s, have given out a “leadership award for cycling promotion.

In 2009 mayor Bloomberg from New York received it, and last year at Velo-City in Copenhagen Roelof Witting from I-CE in the Nederlands reciewed it.

This year the award goes to a woman, who with passion and skill is inspiring the people of Santiago in Chile to take an active part in the creation of a Living City, a Civil City.

She believes in citizen participation in urban planning, in transport planning. She believes that diversity is not an obstacle – diversity is the key in a civil society.

Through her work with Living City in Chile she has created a platform for the different voices of the city to be heard – cross income, gender and age. Through Living City the citizens of Santiago is now playing an active part in creating a happier, greener and safer city.

Please welcome the president of Living City, LAKE SAGARIS”

Lake Sagaris expressed her gratitude by saying; “This award is not just for me, but for everybody who has helped create results. Sometimes, we feel like small ants running around. The recognition and encouragement which the award represents feels fantastic. It was a complete surprise for me. But a really nice one. I look forward to sharing the honour with my friends and co-workers in Chile.”


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