1000 kilometers of new bike lanes in the world’s biggest city of cars

| March 24, 2011

Los Angeles, the city known for cars, is going to get more than 1000 kilometers of new bike lanes within the forthcoming years.

The municipality in the second largest city in USA has just decided to construct more than 700 miles of bike lanes.

The news from the American auto capital was revealed at the international cycling conference Velo-City 2011 in the Spanish city of Seville. The conference was started yesterday by the former Norwegian and international advocate of sustainability, Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The City of Los Angeles is not hesitating to begin developing their new bike lanes and will begin construction within the next six months.

“We begin by taking some of the car lanes in one of the most central areas of Los Angeles. Developing bike lanes in such areas is a signal of that this is clearly something that we take very seriously,” says the Los Angeles city council member Ed P. Reyes to the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

Ed P. Reyes and the other politicians, who made the decision about the world’s biggest bike lane project has been inspired, among other things, by the cycling culture and infrastructure of Copenhagen.

”Copenhagen is a leader in this field. It will unfortunately take a long time before we get as many bikes in Los Angeles as in Copenhagen,” he laughs.
The Cycling Embassy of Denmark actively participates in the conference, including presentations about how to influence the political decision processes to achieve better conditions for cyclists.

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