Cycle Super Highways in Greater Copenhagen area

| February 2, 2011

”On your bike!” is the message being directed at citizens in the Greater Copenhagen area.
The message is part of a collaboration among 18 local authorities and the Capital Region of Denmark, who wish to create a network of bicycle commuter routes that encourage more people to bike to work.
The project started in 2010 and has great ambitions, according to Maria Streuli, manager of the project secretariat coordinating the effort, which receives support from a national fund that promotes cycling activities.

“Our vision is to make the Copenhagen region the best cycling region in the world,” she says. The target group is commuters cycling long distances to work. “Most bicycle commuters only cycle up to five kilometres, so we need to reach out to those who have further to go to work.”

Fast, enjoyable and safe
COWI is serving as consultant to the secretariat. Henrik Grell, a traffic planner at COWI, says the project seeks to create routes that offer “fast, comfortable and safe service” for cyclists travelling long distances.
“To a great extent, the routes will make use of current roads and paths, but the routes will have to be optimised to make it more attractive to choose cycling as a means of transport.”

The optimisation measures involve any number of options, including new or wider bike paths, regulation of traffic lights, better signposting and automatic cycle pumps.
Furthermore, a very important part of the project is to communicate and advertise parallel to the actual implementation of the routes. The opening of the first route in 2011 will be accompanied by an intensive campaign period and further dissemination and information activities are planned.

The project has its own website which will be developed stepwise along with the implementation (

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